Learn more about the Bach Cantatas App. The interactive and extensive reference for all of Johann Sebastian Bachs cantatas. Available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and Android.


Sorting cantatas

Order the cantatas by title, opus number, destination or creation date. With the various sort options the App makes it easy and intuitive to browse Bachs cantatas.

Liturgical Year

From today throughout the liturgical year

The Cantatas App provides an unlimited liturgical year calendar. View the cantatas in their correct liturgical order starting today for one year in advance. The App’s calendar performs all the tricky calculations and shows the correct upcoming performance date for each cantata.

Extensive Reference

Extensive reference

Discover all relevant information about each cantata: designation, performance date, vocal soloists and orchestra, used Bible references, lyricists and chorales for an inspected cantata.

View all movements of a cantata with the complete text, instrumentation and even parody references.



The App contains the complete scores of the Bach Society Edition (a.k.a. Alte Bachausgabe) and curated references to available scores on Bach digital.

It has never been easier to browse Bachs music or look into the autograph scores.

Gospel texts for each cantata

Liturgical texts for each sacral cantata

Read the epistle and gospel texts for all sacral cantatas. The app contains the text of the King James bible - so you can read the same text as Johann Sebastian Bach - in the easy to read modern english directly attached to each cantata.


Intuitive selection of the most common searches

Quickly find arias, sinfonias, recitatives, choirs or chorales by vocal or orchestral instruments with the search catalog. It contains the most often requested queries, such as “All arias with two oboes”

Advanced search for movements

Advanced search

It is possible to specify your own search criterias. Pick whichever instrumentation you want, with the help of the Cantatas Apps intuitive human interface.



All chorales used by J.S.Bach are delivered within the Cantatas App. Browse all verses (even those not used in the inspected cantata) and see which other cantatas make use of the same chorale.



The App contains the complete King James Bible with an interactive concordance to Bachs cantatas. It has never been easier to find usages of biblical verses in cantatas.

Today widget

Today widget

The App comes with a Today widget. Have a look from your iPhones lock screen to see the upcoming cantatas

Day & Night mode

Day/Night mode

Switch the appearance of the App to either Day or Night, whichever fits your preferences best.

Spotlight search

Spotlight search

Find cantatas with the Spotlight system search on your iPhone or iPad, even without starting the App.

Don’t take my words, take theirs!

Helpful, thorough and easy to use

…The app holds practically all the information you could want about each cantata and also makes it easy to search and sort them. Can’t remember the title of cantata Nr. 79? Don’t know the catalogue number for „Schmücke dich, o liebe Seele“? Want to know which cantatas were written for Advent? All easy. It’s awesome…

Amazing resource

This is an awesome reference for anyone who studies the cantatas of Bach. Tons of info and very clearly designed to be searchable and browsable…

Excellent reference app for Bach cantatas

This is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in Bach’s cantatas. Beautifully designed, the app is easy to use and comprehensive in its detail. The ability to search the database using different criteria is of great value. Very highly recommended.